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Lecture: A Focus on CNS 2013

Dr. Wongpakaran is invited by BL Hua to give a lecture at the A Focus on CNS 2013, Tokyo 4-7 Oct, 2013.The topics will be regarding the latest perspective in monotherapy vs. combination treatment in depression and Drug-drug interaction in the elderly.


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bulletCAM algorithm Thai version
bulletCornell Scale for Depression in Dementia (CSDD Thai)
bulletFear of COVID-19 and impact on QoL
bulletGeriatric Depression Scales (15 & 6)
bulletGratitude Questionnaire-6, GQ-6
bulletMultidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS )
bulletPerceived Stress Scale (10 item)
bulletRosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
bulletUCLA Loneliness Scale-Thai version
bulletCMU Cervical Cancer QoL Questionnaire
bulletChampion’s Health Belief Model Scale (CHBMS)
bulletInternet addiction test_Thai version
bullet Core Symptom Index (CSI)
bulletOutcome Inventory (OI-21)
bullet Pathogenic belief scale short version (PBS-27)
bulletPHuSeG scale
bulletRevised Thai Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
bullet Resilience Inventory (RI-9)
bulletScreening instrument for borderline personality disorder (SI-Bord)
bulletinner Strength-Based Inventory (iSBI)
bullet Group Cohesiveness Scale (GCS)
bullet UCLA Loneliness Scale / Brief version RULS-6
bulletNeuroticism Inventory (NI-15)
bulletTraumatic experience scale (TES)
bullet Experience in Close Relationship (ECR-R-18 and ECR-R-10)
bulletSufficiency Economy Scale
bulletChiang Mai DIP-Q
bulletZKA- 40 (Personality Questionnaire; short version)
bulletType D Personality
bulletFour Immeasurables Scale-Thai From FIS12
bulletFour Immeasurables Scale-Eng Form FIS-12
bulletFamily climate questionnaire (FCQ)
bulletTSRS thai new
bulletSafety scale Thai-revised Aug2015
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