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Outreach @Payao 21-22 Mar 2014

Drs. Wongpakaran joins Suan Dok Hospital Foundation (SHF) @Pong, Payao province.

The group (50 medical staff) departed Chiang Mai Friday 21 afternoon, and spent a night in Payao.

The service was held in Pong, 1 hour from Payao. Started at 8.00 working with 800 plus people from all over Pong district.

400 came for health consultation, with nearly 100 for mental health service.

There were also 4-5 doctors from Payao joining us.

Left Pong at around 15.30 hh. that was just an hour before a very strong hailstorm hit Pong.  

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Unbelievable, it was getting dark so quickly. Did not know it's going to rain soon.

Thanks someone up there who had saved us from the hailstorm. 



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